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Vibia Sabina was the wife of Emperor Hadrian, and a grand-niece of Trajan. Although she accompanied Hadrian on his many travels, he ignored her and had numerous affairs with both men and women.Sabina had an affair with Suetonius, Hadrian's secretary, in 119. Rx: Dikaiosyne standing left holding scales and cornucopia; LK to left. Obv: Radiate bust right, drapery left shoulder, star before.Trajan, AR Cistophorus (10.54 g, 7h); Uncertain Asia Minor (or Rome) mint. Obv: Laureate bust of Trajan right; AVT KAIC NEP TPAIANOC CEB ΓERM .

Rx: DHMAPX EX YPA TO C, Half-length bust of Baal-Zeus bearded, right, wearing tall headdress, holding thunderbolt in left hand, horse headed scepter in right. Obv: Laureate head right, slight drapery on left shoulder.

is now available online: Roman Provincial Coinage project. Ex: Berk buy or bid sale 145, Lot# 320Trajan 98 -117 CE, Trajan/Mt.

I will be updating my references/attributions to this source. Argaeus, Drachm, Cappadocia, Caesarea, 112-117 AD, (2.96 g) Obv: Laureate draped bust right. Argeus surmounted by nude figure, grotto just beneath him.

Obv: AYTOKP KAIC NEP TPAIANOC CEB GERM Laureate head right, Rx: DHMAPX EX YPAT B Eagle standing left on ground line (more likely a thunderbolt), holding laurel wreath in beak. The phrase Arabia adquista translates to "the acquired Arabia rather than the conquered.

Ex: Ofeke Coins Trajan 98 -117 CE, AR drachm (3.03 g) Obv: Laureate bust right. Mint - Bostra, Arabia almost identical to the denarius RIC.245 except for the Greek inscription.

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L IE (date) in exergue Ex John Aiello Collection; Wayne C.

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