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Dating late twenties

Therapy is not something to be embarrassed about.” And it looks like Britain's young couples are wising-up to the benefits of early relationship therapy, too.

Several couples counsellors and psychologists tell me that a number of their clients are relatively young, and come for ‘preventative therapy’.

“I’ve been with my boyfriend for about a year-and-a-half, but recently we decided to get therapy.

He suggested it because we’d been fighting a bit and reached a point where we'd considered breaking up.

The first appointment was scary, but now I really like it.

We only go about once a month, but it’s helping us talk about things.” Gina isn’t even the only 20-something I know who has therapy.

Some of us do have to dip into the parental fund now and then, but it's for rent, not for said 0 solid-gold nori roll dinner and the flat-screen TV in the living room.

“Especially if they’ve got an underlying issue like in-laws, money or thoughts about kids.” The idea is that, instead of waiting for deep-rooted issues to surface, couples get help early on and make sure those issues never have time to even grow their roots.They might have sessions fortnightly, monthly or even yearly – but it helps them make sure they notice their problems early and tackle with them head-on. And if you need professional help six months in to a relationship, isn’t that a bad sign for the future?It might be a growing trend, but preventative therapy is still something I’m a little sceptical about. “I used to think the exact same,” my friend Gina*, 25, tells me. The guy who's using Foursquare to brag about his nightlife. I'm about to go take a shit in a really fancy bathroom, want me to check in? The once-a-month hookup you obsessively stalk on Facebook and Twitter. You want to find out if he's seeing someone else, but you don't want to ask your mutual friends, because that is embarrassing, so you just troll his social media feeds like a rabid animal. Is he the ghost of an old-timey '20s guy with a twirly mustache?

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“We both really wanted to make it work – we were just struggling.

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